Dealing with the Troublemakers


In previous posts, I’ve talked about scaling one’s company, and developing a company culture, but what happens when certain people, let’s call them your “troublemakers”, get in the way of your ideas, or the way you want to do things.
In her most recent post in First Round Review (Full article here) Bethanye McKinney Blount having spent twenty years in leadership positions in the tech industry has identified four types of “troublemakers” and how to deal with them.
I’m sure you’ve seen these types of people in your organizations: the HERMIT who works independently and won’t let anyone see his work while it’s in progress; the NOSTALGIA JUNKIE who harkens back to the good old days and talks of “the way” we’ve always done it; the TREND CHASER who is always ready to flick to the newest and greatest thought or gadget without seeing the entire picture; and the SMARTEST IN THE ROOM who always has to be the smartest person in the room without considering anyone else’s thoughts or feelings.
So how should you deal with these folks when you meet these types of people in your organization, because you know they are always there! Ms. Blount suggests you subscribe to the premise that most troublemaking is done unknowingly, and you as the leader or the manager must do your best to win them over in the long term. Of course, if you’ve really tried over time and been pushed long enough that you’ve stopped rooting for a person on your team, it may be better to find another alternative which could very well include termination. In the end, it is your commitment to the company culture you want to create that determines who stays and who leaves.


Full article here