Finding the Perfect Team for Your Business


Barney Harford is the chief executive of “Orbitz” Worldwide, a leading global online travel company. In a recent interview with Adam Bryant of the New York Times, Harford explains the importance of “Finding a Team That Fits to a T.” Some excellent, and incredibly relevant, points were raised in the article:

  • Successful organizations have to foster creativity and innovation at all levels: Harford insists that it’s important to help team members learn about other parts of the organization so that they can “connect the dots between what’s going on in their area and what’s going on elsewhere.”
  • Seek “T-shaped” individuals: T-shaped individuals are people who can go really deep into their particular area of expertise, but also have the capacity to go broadly when needed. If you rely only on executives to identify opportunities, you’ll be missing A LOT of potential.
  • Create a culture of openness: Open communication, and the sharing of information, is important. You can achieve this through the use of weekly newsletters and informative emails that focus in on different parts of the company.
  • Look for a career trajectory on a résumé: The time in which a candidate made achievements is indicative and predictive of how they will progress within your company. Look for people who have curiosity, passion, and energy, who are well-prepared for their interview.

Click here to view the entire article in the New York Times.