How Big Brands are Reaching Millennials


Talk about Millennials is everywhere: how are you supposed to target a demographic that avoids ads like the plague? Millennials watch less TV than any generation older than them, use ad blocking software to block apps, and look at most of their media through mediums like Instagram which don’t feature ads. With such a challenging demographic to target, what are big brands doing to connect with this generation?  Here are a few key strategies brands are using to reach this demographic:

  • Create an Experience: Many big brands have turned to experiential marketing, holding events or stunts that create great memories that Millennials will come to associate with the brand.
  • Reach Millennials Through an App: Brands like Nike and Under Armour have developed fitness apps for customers to use and interact with the brand.
  • Understand How They Like to Communicate: Domino’s Pizza now allows you to order a pizza by sending them an emoji. Just letting Millennials know that you “get them” can be enough.

With such a mobile-centric demographic such as Millennials, it is no wonder that brands are turning to reaching them through their phones. Spending as much as 90 hours on phone apps in a month, it’s what’s most important to them. Throwing big events also allow attendees to organically share the experience on their social networks, which exponentially increases the effect of your marketing efforts. Key insights like these will help your marketing efforts, and keep you from being left in the dust.

Read the full article in the New York Times here.