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How to Approach Conflict in the Workplace


Conflict is a natural element to any functioning workplace, but dictating its course can be the difference between healthy discourse and petty ad hominem attacks resulting in lost productivity. What is the best approach to ensuring a conflict becomes constructive? Phyllis Korkki gauges conflict in directness and intensity in her article in The New York Times. Here are a few key points from her piece:

  • Opt for unambiguous conflict resulting in debate: “The preferred form of communication is high directness/low intensity … With this method, people tend not to focus on any personal stake they could have in their positions. They listen to others’ views and take them into account while working toward a positive outcome.”
  • Avoid high intensity conflict, as employees will become defensive: “When conflict is expressed with high intensity, whether directly or indirectly, the issue can start to feel personal to the parties involved…people may respond by attacking others or defending themselves. They are more likely to dig into their positions without listening to other viewpoints and processing new information, meaning that an effective resolution is less likely.”
  • Make healthy conflict resolution part of your office culture: “When more people understand what healthy communication looks like at work, and the more that people practice it, the more likely they will exhibit it themselves.”

As a manager, it is your responsibility to maintain a harmonious office conducive to productivity and free of negativity. You should keep these points in mind in order to foster a healthy work environment, resulting in happier employees who feel respected and valued.

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Warren Buffett Gets Away With Paying His Employees Less By Using This One Weird Trick


Discover how Warren Buffet gets away with paying his employees less, in this article via Business Insider. The answer, is actually quite simple.

“Buffett never skips a chance to emphasize that he treats people humanely, and that Berkshire is a family. This has allowed him to buy companies at lower prices, and get top talent for cheaper than the levels he considers obscene.”

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12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

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For most successful people, the time before breakfast in the morning is a time to get things done before the day truly gets started. Here is the full list of the 12 things successful people do before breakfast via Business Insider:

1. They wake up early.

2. They exercise before it falls off the to-do list.

3. They work on a top-priority business project.

4. They work on a personal passion project.

5. They spend quality time with family.

6. They connect with their spouses.

7. They network over coffee.

8. They meditate to clear their minds.

9. They write down things they’re grateful for.

10.  They plan and strategize while they’re fresh

11. They check their email.

12. They read the news.

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