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In A War With Hackers, We Are On Our Own

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

When it comes to online security and privacy we live in a troubling time. Not only do we run the very real risk of having our passwords and personal information hacked, we risk being taken advantage of by companies that are looking to capitalize on, and make money from, our vulnerability.

We must remember that the internet was built to share information, not to secure or store it. The reality is that while we try desperately to bolster security after the fact, hackers continue to outpace our efforts.

What does this mean and what can we do?

It’s time to be smarter about passwords. This means making sure they’re not easily guessed and not re-used across any sites that contain personal information. That way, if one password is compromised it won’t bring down your entire digital identity; an identify that once corrupted is very hard to reclaim.

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