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Email Newsletters Not So Irrelevant As Previously Thought

Email Death


Do you think the email newsletter is dead? We don’t!

Email newsletters should not, and can not, be dismissed as simply something irrelevant that “old people use.” An email newsletter has the advantage of a “presumption of connection,” making it an ideal platform for publishers wanting to get their message across to audiences everywhere.

At a time when a swarm of information and news buzzes constantly online, email newsletters – some free, some not – help us focus our attention and decide what’s worth paying attention to. An email newsletter typically presents itself in your inbox because you asked for it and it includes links to content you’ve previously deemed relevant to your fields of interest. In other words, it’s important information you’ve indicated you want in list-form – something that, ironically within the context of the current social media news-delivery environment, seems like a suddenly modern approach.

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