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Aim For a Mix of “Doers, Thinkers & Feelers”



Nancy Dubuc is the Chief Executive of A&E Networks, a global entertainment media company. In a recent interview with Adam Bryant of The New York Times, Dubuc spoke about the importance of trust, the value of constructive thoughts and the idea of mixing “doers, thinkers and feelers” in the workplace. Here are some key points taken from the interview:

  • Worrying doesn’t achieve anything: “Don’t worry about it because it’s not going to turn out that way anyway… so much of what we worry about is the outcome, and outcomes rarely turn out the way you think they’re going to… it might be better.”
  • There are two types of candidates: “There are very few black-and-white truths in management or in business, but one that I have found is that people either hire people who are smarter than them or people hire people they can control.”
  • Are difficult employees often the best performers? “Another pattern I’ve seen is that managers will sometimes complain that one of their employees is difficult to manage. But those difficult people often tend to be the best performers.”
  • There’s no one way to manage: “Great managers recognize that there is no one way to manage.”
  • Trust is crucial: “I need to trust who works for me, and they need to trust me. Trust is just paramount… It really needs to be trust by action.”
  • Constructive comments are most useful: “I value people who have something constructive to say and can make things better.”
  • Hire a mix of thinkers, doers and feelers: “If you have all thinkers nothing will get done. If you have all doers that can be really chaotic because you’re not necessarily thinking about the consequences. And feelers are important because they create energy – but if you have too many of them, they will just dramatize the moment.”
  • Ultimately it’s all about balance: “When you put the different kinds of people together in the right way, that can be very powerful. You never want that out of balance.”

Click here to see the full interview in The New York Times.

A Good Excuse Doesn’t Fix a Problem


Brent Frei is the executive chairman and co-founder of Smartsheet.com, a provider of online project management. In a recent interview with Adam Bryant of the New York Times, Frei talks about early management, what to look for when hiring employees, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are some points from the interview:

  • Work together as a team to become a successful leader: “There are a lot of really successful ways to be a leader, but the only way I know how to do it is to be a part of the team. You get people on board, convince them about the right thing to do, get lots of input and ultimately drive to our goal.”
  • Hiring the right way will result in leadership: “If we hire right, there’s no managing; it’s just leading. And there’s a big difference between leading and managing. Leadership is: “We’ve got  problem everybody. We are all smart people. Lets figure out how we’re going to solve it. Let’s divvy up the pieces and lets go do them “.”
  • Intelligence and a quick understanding is valued: “I look for people who are bright and have a high “get-it” factor. That means they’re quick studies, so I’m talking about something really complex, they’ll say, “Got it”.
  • Don’t do it unless you really mean it: “If you’re not willing to eat rice and beans, and to get your wife and kids to eat rice and beans, don’t bother, because somewhere along the way, it’s going to be that hard. You have to have that mentality. Otherwise, it can be really difficult.”

Click here to view the full article from the New York Times.