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Marketing Trends For 2015: Wearable Technology Expected to Increase


The prevalence of wearable technologies are expected to increase this year. These devices present an interesting opportunity for advertisers and marketers who will need to adapt their digital marketing strategy for each kind of device. Some general observations regarding these technologies can be made:

  • Advertisements for wearable technology, such as Google Glass, Apple Watch or the Smartwatch, will need to become more customized for smaller screens and heads up display (HUD).
  • We currently check our phones approximately 150 times a day (on average). This number is expected to increase as technologies develop. Imagine how many more times we might look at a Smartwatch or device that we don’t have to take out of our pocket. Scary!
  • “New mobile devices” that consumers, and ultimately advertisers, might interact with more than a smartphone are expected to be introduced to the market.

(Information sourced from Randy Schrum, Founder- Inspired Venture Group | Business Innovator and Speaker on Conversions, Marketing, and Sales)