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For Ad-Tech Biz, NY is the Place to Be


Silicon Valley may have more startups and money, but New York City is a predominant force in ad-tech, with two other key sectors that are being transformed by technology – digital media and e-commerce. And, New York City is also a strong contender in other emerging industries such as financial tech and health tech.

Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science, started in ad tech at DoubleClick, a Manhattan startup formed in the 90’s and was eventually purchased by Google. When it came to choosing a location it made sense to have an ad-tech firm in Silicon Valley, New York. Today, it’s essential.

NYC TECH, 2003-2013

2,206 companies started

336  acquisitions and IPO’s, worth $18.1 billion

$14.2 billion in investment capital

13.3% annual growth in VC investments

53,000+ jobs

“If you are building an ad-tech company, this city is a must-have presence, you have to be in New York. You don’t necessarily have to be in Silicon Valley.” said Mr. Knoll. New York has started to develop boundless networks where successful entrepreneurs develop new companies and hire new entrepreneurs.

There’s every reason to believe that New York’s emergence as a major tech center is still in its early days.

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The Startup Mass Extinction


Is “The Startup” in danger of becoming extinct?

The fact that most new businesses fail is hardly a secret. So why are so many people gambling on ventures that are likely to end badly?

This article from James Surowiecki at The New Yorker Financial Page helps answer some tricky questions in the contemporary climate of entrepreneurial business: click here to view the article.