Michael Gansl

Co-Founder - "The Seasoned Voice of Reason"

I am a hands-on entrepreneur and trusted advisor specializing in working with both leaders and teams of individual contributors to implement business development and revenue growth opportunities.

I believe my unique ability is to objectively analyze a situation or problem, break the pieces down to their lowest common denominators, and then rebuild the components and synthesize a solution.

My experience includes having founded and run a leading systems integration company for fifteen years. I have developed sales and marketing plans and operations for both early stage and mature companies. I have also raised debt and equity financing for numerous companies both as an investment and commercial banker.

My specialties include: operations, marketing, sales, and working with start-ups from the ground up.

I know how to work with small business who find growth and increasing revenue a challenge and are open to an outsider taking an inside look at their business.

In my spare time, I am passionate about wine. I love to drive around the country side searching for and collecting old toy soldiers, painted cast iron objects, and lots of other "stuff".

You can find me on LinkedIn – just search for Michael Gansl.

Matt Plociak


I am a serial entrepreneur and author having started several companies since 1981.

My skill set includes expertise in sales and marketing, as well as financial management.

Along with Michael Gansl, I co-founded and managed Netlan through 15 years of computer services industry changes, culminating in a successful sale of the firm to a NASDAQ listed e-commerce B2B company.

I have over thirty years of experience in managing various small and large businesses, and am looking to translate my extensive experience into measurable growth for small businesses in the New York City metropolitan area.

As CFO for a 240-unit Manhattan co-op, I refinanced the buildings underlying mortgage for $22M, which enabled the creation of a $10M reserve fund.

In my spare time, I love to go biking, skiing, and golfing. And yes, I love wine too!

You can find me on LinkedIn - just search for Matt Plociak.

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“Working with Michael Gansl is a “profitable pleasure.” An investment in Gansl adds revenue to the bottom line!”

“Under Mike’s guidance, we began fielding leads more conscientiously, and as a result we’ve seen a significant closing ratio improvement.”

“Having worked with Michael for quite some time, I can unequivocally say that he is one of the best business strategists I have ever encountered in my 26 years of practicing business consulting.”

“Matt provided guidance on projects while allowing autonomy to encourage individual  ideas. He understood the importance of team dynamics and knew how to get the best out of his coworkers in collaborative efforts.”

“Matt has been instrumental in helping us find our center, get accountable and pay attention to the details.”

“Working with Voice of Reason Consulting was an incredibly empowering process. The results have been immediate.”

“Michael’s and Matt’s vision and experience are a match for any company looking to positively impact revenues and the bottom line.”

“Our business has completely transformed since engaging Voice of Reason Consulting over a year ago.”

“Voice of Reason Consulting has helped us through a variety of difficult circumstances with wisdom, patience and innovative ideas to move us forward.”

“No project is handled without specific, detailed attention to the whole, as well as to each and every individual part”

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