With over a combined 60 years in business, Matt and Michael have so many case study examples to choose from, putting them on this site seemed like a herculean challenge.

Here are some highlights to help you understand some of the things they did as leaders of their own efforts or as consultants for others:

Having founded their systems integration company together, Matt and Michael made several important early-on strategic decisions that led to the Company’s dynamic growth over the course of fifteen years. These decisions included selling only leading edge products, depending on their vendors to provide leads, and targeting only early adopters in corporate accounts to buy these products and services. Other important decisions included: understanding that investing in marketing was critical to generating sales; focusing on sales training, including the science and art of selling, was critical for building an expert and successful sales team; and most importantly creating a can-do business culture where coming to work was fun. Together, all of these decisions were the keys to rapid growth and success. These decisions and their execution resulted in the company becoming an Inc. 500 company two years in a row.

As an outside consultant, Matt took a leadership role in analyzing how the systems engineers for a managed services IT company were interacting with, and under billing, their clients. Working with the firm’s partners over a period of six months, getting involved in the day to day activities, Matt was able to help the Company save $100,000 monthly, as well as implement a series of other changes to increase revenues and streamline systems.

After being in business for four years, and in transition in moving to a new and expanded space, Michael and Matt decided to create an ancillary training business to their network systems integration company. This strategic decision to complement their current business demonstrated their technical leadership in the networking systems arena and solidified the Company’s reputation as a leading technology service provider in the metropolitan area.  In the course of just a few years, the Training Center became one of the best Novell, Lotus Notes, Microsoft and Citrix training centers in the United States training several thousand corporate and technical end users during that time.

As Acting Marketing Director for a systems integration company that recently had gone public, Michael was engaged to re-purpose all of the firm’s marketing and sales collateral to enable a ten person sales team to transform the business from a singular focus on hardware sales to both product and significantly higher margin services.  The systems integration world was in flux at that time, and being able to charge appropriately for service was a critical element in the firm’s overall re-positioning strategy, as well as increasing its top line revenues and profit margins.


"Working with Michael Gansl is a "profitable pleasure." An investment in Gansl adds revenue to the bottom line!"

"Under Mike's guidance, we began fielding leads more conscientiously, and as a result we've seen a significant closing ratio improvement."

"Having worked with Michael for quite some time, I can unequivocally say that he is one of the best business strategists I have ever encountered in my 26 years of practicing business consulting."

"Matt provided guidance on projects while allowing autonomy to encourage individual  ideas. He understood the importance of team dynamics and knew how to get the best out of his coworkers in collaborative efforts."

"Matt has been instrumental in helping us find our center, get accountable and pay attention to the details."

"Working with Voice of Reason Consulting was an incredibly empowering process. The results have been immediate."

"Michael's and Matt's vision and experience are a match for any company looking to positively impact revenues and the bottom line."

"Our business has completely transformed since engaging Voice of Reason Consulting over a year ago."

"Voice of Reason Consulting has helped us through a variety of difficult circumstances with wisdom, patience and innovative ideas to move us forward."

"No project is handled without specific, detailed attention to the whole, as well as to each and every individual part"

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