Working “Smarter,” Not Harder.



It’s time to work smarter; not harder or longer.

Here are 5 work productivity tips from Business Insider that actually work:

1) Limit your to-do list;

2) Measure your results, not your time;

3) Build “getting ready to work” routines.

4) Track what you’re wasting time on; and

5) Build habits to help you stop working.


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3 Things Wealthy People Do Differently

Crystal ball, descending line graph and share prices. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

HuffPostSmallBiz have some interesting ideas about “What Wealthy People Do Differently.”

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Does Your Small Business Need a Digital Health-Check?

Website Freshness

As the online face of your business, your website should accurately represent your company and be one of your biggest selling tools. If it’s looking dated, or if online traffic has tailed off, it’s worth taking a fresh, honest look.

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Sweeping Away a Search History

Search History


Privacy matters for many reasons, both tangible and not, hence it’s wise to exercise control when and where you can. By protecting your online search history, you are protecting a wealth of personal information. Here are some tips to help stem the flow: click here to view the article.