Cashless Customers Hold Riches For Retailers

Cashless customers


There is an enormous amount of money to be made for businesses catering to the cash-free customer.

At the forefront of this change is the Starbucks corporation, who cleverly save money on transaction fees by having customers load money onto their mobile app.

This could be quite the transactional game-changer. Click here to view the full article. 

Is It Better to Be Strategic or Opportunistic?



When it comes to business in the real world, who’s right — the “sustainable advantage” traditionalists or the “transient advantage” challengers?

This interview sheds some light on these contrasting perspectives: click here to view the full article.

The Startup Mass Extinction


Is “The Startup” in danger of becoming extinct?

The fact that most new businesses fail is hardly a secret. So why are so many people gambling on ventures that are likely to end badly?

This article from James Surowiecki at The New Yorker Financial Page helps answer some tricky questions in the contemporary climate of entrepreneurial business: click here to view the article.

The Best Financial Advice for Small Business Owners Now



When it comes to managing your small business, these 3 tips should be considered closely:

1) Access Capital Now;

2) Engage Rather Than Employ;

3) Have A Lean Start-Up.


Click here to view the whole article VIA Forbes.

7 Popular Pieces Of Business Advice You Should (Politely) Ignore



Ever heard the phrases ” think big” and “the customer is always right?”

While this advice may be applicable to some businesses, such comments may be dangerous when applied to all scenarios.

Here are some suggestions from the Business Insider on which pieces of advice to (politely) ignore when it comes to your small business: click here to view the article.