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Mind Your Own Business – Episode 5 Now Live!

  Episode 5 of Mind Your Own Business with Mike and Matt is now live! The topic is “F” Words – Fire and Failure featuring Bobby Derival of Home Care at its Best, and of course, Michael Gansl, Matt Plociak, and David Hoffman. We couldn’t be more excited to share this new show with you, […]

Mind Your Own Business Podcast

  I’m really excited to announce my first venture into podcasting co-hosted with my good friend and partner @Matt Plociak and produced by David Hoffman. Listen to the trailer at this link:https://lnkd.in/dWRjfAu

The Dangers of Fast Growth

  At the Voice of Reason Consulting, Matt and I are always focused on growing our clients’ businesses. So last Sunday I was especially interested in reading Adam Bryant’s Corner Office article with the headline, “Why Fast Growth Can Lead to Trouble”. I thought this would be especially interesting to the folks who know our […]

Nail Price Before Product

I’m always interested in how companies price their products and services. A long time ago, Matt Plociak my partner and I at our systems integration company Netlan, used to throw spaghetti against the wall to come up with pricing for our products and services. Well not really, but it was indeed always a challenge to […]

Want More Leaders in Your Organization?

As a long time student of sales I am especially interested in developing compensation plans to motivate and inspire salespeople to become high producers. That being said, I was delighted to receive my weekly Business Insights newsletter from the Stanford Graduate School of Business that summarized a new study, coauthored by Kathryn Shaw of Stanford Graduate School […]

“No” is Critical to Success

A few weeks ago, my partner Matt Plociak and I got together with two of our former Netlan employees, Rick Freedman and Charles Bernard who respectively for many years are very successful business owners and consultants in technology and sales. Of course, it was great to see them, and since we share so many similar beliefs about […]

How to Prepare for an Automated Future

With all the talk about jobs swirling about, I was very interested in this article, How to Prepare for an Automated Future by Claire Cain Miller which appeared in the NY Times, The Upshot, May 4, 2017. Full article HERE Given the considerable concern for jobs in the future, Claire Cain Miller postulates that the […]