Suggested Read: How to Survive Your Love-Hate Relationship with Zoom

It’s almost a year, and more than 40 percent of Americans are working from home. Do you really doubt that Zoom calls are going away? Sure, in post-Covid, we may actually use them less frequently than we do now, but it is time to accept the reality of video calls in your work life!

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Suggested Read: As Pandemic Fatigue Sets In at Work, Employers Try to Help

It’s eleven months, and we are still struggling with pandemic fatigue and burnout more than ever. Keeping employees engaged and motivated is a challenge and while some companies are utilizing incentives such as gift cards and cash to help support their employees, other companies are focusing on better honest communication from leaders to employees.

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Sales 101

This is a starting point that Mike uses frequently to start working with sales teams looking for a fresh approach to selling.

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Using Sales & Cash Flow Data to Make Rational Business Decisions

During this time of Covid-19, Matt and Mike have been working with business owners under financial pressures to turn around their businesses from Covid-19 stressed to post-COVID-19 success. They present this presentation “Using Sales & Cash Flow Data to Make Rational Business Decisions”  to business owners who need to understand the drivers and key performance indicators to grow revenue while stabilizing cash flow

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Mind Your Own Business with Mike and Matt: Talking Real Estate with Ira Rovitz & Dennis Galante

Voices of Reason Michael Gansl & Matt Plociak talk with Ira Rovitz of Newmark and Dennis Galante of Bond New York Real Estate about the current state of the commercial and residential real estate markets and about their history in the real estate business. See Mike and Matt interview business owners/entrepreneurs as they talk candidly about their business and the lessons they have learned, and offer the one golden business nugget to help other business owners be better themselves.

Mind Your Own Business with Mike and Matt: Interview with Harrison Wise & Doug Wasser

Mike & Matt interview Harrison Wise, Founder/President of Wise Collective, an integrated marketing agency for the cannabis, tech, sports, media and entertainment industries; and publisher of, a digital media company at the forefront of the burgeoning global cannabis industry, and Doug Wasser, a commercial real estate lawyer who helps people acquire, lease, mortgage, manage, and sell commercial real estate. He believes that cannabis needs to be grown, processed and sold to the public, and the correct choice of real estate for each of these purposes can be central to success.