Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk Attracting and Retaining Talent with Kenneth Coe

Attracting and retaining talent is high-priority ticket for leaders. Kenneth Coe has witnessed this first-hand as a CFO for several organizations. Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves talk with Ken about ways to engage with employees and why he started The Statera Company. We also talk about some of Ken’s entrepreneurial experiences. Come visit and subscribe to our podcast – Talking Business with Chad and Mike!

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk with Guest Clay Hicks of H7 Network

Networking is an activity business people are very familiar with doing. How well do we do it? Are our networking groups set up to help us succeed? In this episode Michael and Chad  talk with Clay Hicks, founder of H7 Networks. We learn about his experience as an entrepreneur and what inspired him to create H7 Networks. Join us as we talk with Clay about this, some business philosophy and a little insight on the three of us as we discuss what movies we might take with us on a desert island. Of course, we would need some equipment and electricity to see those movies there, but it may well be a very well equipped desert island:)


Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk Letting Go with Robert Levin

Join Robert Levin and Chad Eaves and Michael Gansl on our latest YouTube podcast “The Meaningful Communication Show” where Rob talks about one of the greatest challenges an entrepreneur faces – Letting Go!

Rob’s had a stellar career reinventing himself several times over, and now is co-founder of WorkBetterNow, a company that provides virtual assistants from Latin America in 40+ different roles for many industries. Rob continues to evolve in his leadership role knowing that letting go is an important key for success as the company is rapidly growing. Please visit us and subscribe.

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Discuss “Chutzpah” with Mason Harris, The Chutzpah Guy!

If you think you know what “chutzpah” means, think again, because you need to meet Mason Harris,known as “The Chutzpah Guy”. Mason adds another dimension to chutzpah to include positive direction, drive, and focus, the three things people seek in their businesses and in their professional development. Listen to how Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves explore these topics and more with Mason who shares how he leverages chutzpah into a framework that helps people get things done.

Learn more about Mason at https://www.thechutzpahguy.com and read his book “The Chutzpah Advantage” (available at Amazon). By the way, you may even learn how to pronounce “chutzpah” once you hear Michael, Chad, and Mason practice how to say the “ch” in front of the “utzpah”!

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Discuss Talk Radio.NYC with Social Entrepreneur Sam Liebowitz

Hear Sam Liebowitz discuss TalkRadio.NYC and its “social entrepreneurship “message to audiences around the world. We explore the path that brought Sam to be who he is, the philosophies that he practices in his business, and we take a deep dive into his  perspectives on wellness, communication, and entrepreneurship. We think you will find Sam as fascinating an individual as we do!

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Discuss Answer Intelligence – Raise Your AQ with Dr. Brian Glibkowski

From childhood we’re all trained to ask questions, and the better our questions are, the better we assume are our listening skills. But, believe it or not, there is very little in the lexicon written about what are the answers we should be providing. Dr. Brian Glibkowski discusses Answer Intelligence (AQ)™ – a new science of answers using Artificial Intelligence to provide elevated answers to explain and influence in a complex world, emotionally connect, and achieve results.We think you will be as fascinated as we are on a new approach that just may shape the 21st century!

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Discuss Leadership, Talent, and Inclusion with Josh Saterman

Join Chad EavesMichael Gansl and Josh Saterman of Saterman Connect as they discuss inclusive leadership, talent development, and inclusion for today’s workforce. Josh is an engaging and passionate speaker on creating strategies and human connections for all types of businesses to embrace people talent with diverse backgrounds.

Please subscribe to our Meaningful Communications Show podcast for more content.

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk Creating a Wine Business with Sheila Donohue

Please join Chad Eaves and Michael Gansl for a fascinating conversation with Sheila Donohue who shares her journey from a career in hi-tech to founding verovino.com, an international company selling undiscovered wines and food from small wineries and farms from around the world.

I think you will be as impressed as I was hearing how Sheila has used her passion to create a successful business. And don’t forget to subscribe here.

2023-24 Reflections and Outlook

Every year around this time, it’s important to look back at the past year, and look forward to the year ahead, and think about what you’ve done well, what you would like to change, and set milestones and outcomes so you can get a head start on what you would like to achieve in the the new year. I do this exercise with my clients, and with my networking partners and we always come away with realistic working goals and plans for the year ahead.

Check out Reflections and Outlook at this link.

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk Cannabis Marketing and Advertising with Harrison Wise

Join Chad Eaves and Michael Gansl where we interview Harrison Wise, founder and publisher of The Bluntness Inc. and founder of Wise Collective, Inc. discussing marketing and advertising in the cannabis industry. Please subscribe when you’re there.