Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Discuss “Chutzpah” with Mason Harris, The Chutzpah Guy!

If you think you know what “chutzpah” means, think again, because you need to meet Mason Harris,known as “The Chutzpah Guy”. Mason adds another dimension to chutzpah to include positive direction, drive, and focus, the three things people seek in their businesses and in their professional development. Listen to how Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves explore these topics and more with Mason who shares how he leverages chutzpah into a framework that helps people get things done.

Learn more about Mason at https://www.thechutzpahguy.com and read his book “The Chutzpah Advantage” (available at Amazon). By the way, you may even learn how to pronounce “chutzpah” once you hear Michael, Chad, and Mason practice how to say the “ch” in front of the “utzpah”!