Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk Creating a Wine Business with Sheila Donohue

Please join Chad Eaves and Michael Gansl for a fascinating conversation with Sheila Donohue who shares her journey from a career in hi-tech to founding verovino.com, an international company selling undiscovered wines and food from small wineries and farms from around the world.

I think you will be as impressed as I was hearing how Sheila has used her passion to create a successful business. And don’t forget to subscribe here.

2023-24 Reflections and Outlook

Every year around this time, it’s important to look back at the past year, and look forward to the year ahead, and think about what you’ve done well, what you would like to change, and set milestones and outcomes so you can get a head start on what you would like to achieve in the the new year. I do this exercise with my clients, and with my networking partners and we always come away with realistic working goals and plans for the year ahead.

Check out Reflections and Outlook at this link.

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk Cannabis Marketing and Advertising with Harrison Wise

Join Chad Eaves and Michael Gansl where we interview Harrison Wise, founder and publisher of The Bluntness Inc. and founder of Wise Collective, Inc. discussing marketing and advertising in the cannabis industry. Please subscribe when you’re there.