The Importance of a Company’s Culture


Last week, I posted a piece by Molly Graham that talked about scaling your company. This week, to continue the conversation, I am posting another article by Molly that talks about how important a company’s culture is to its brand and to its very existence. As the number of employees grow, it becomes increasingly vital to define your company’s culture, if indeed the company is not only to grow, but also to survive.

  1. Companies will mirror the image of their founders. A company’s core leaders will define 80% of its culture. If you are a founder, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. The things that set you apart will become your company’s competitive advantages.
  2. Take the words that describe your company’s personality and turn it into a story. In the beginning, products are heavily emphasized but it is important to take the time to write down your story and what you want people to say about you. Your company’s story then becomes the backbone of your growth and your existence in the marketplace.
  3.  The next step is to turn your story into an ongoing conversation. You should continually speak about the culture you want to build in every meeting and email. Most importantly, culture is not fixed but always evolving.

I’ve been fortunate to be part of several start-ups in my career. There is no doubt that a company only grows and survives if it adheres to the bottom line to be profitable. However the road to growth and profitability is being able to define your company’s culture, to be able to tell your story, to create the foundation and backbone from the very beginning, from the very moment a founder or a CEO decides to start a company. Knowing at all times and building your culture as your company continues to grow is the road to success!


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