Digital Buyers Will Make Purchases on the Smartphone Within Two Years


Google has stated that there are more searches now on mobile devices than on desktop in over 10 countries. Next year, more than half of digital buyers will use a smartphone to complete a purchase. Shoppers are moving from browsing and searching to making online buys.

Although eMarketer forecasts that 95.1 million Americans ages 14 and older, or 51.2% of digital buyers will make at least one purchase via a smartphone, challenges still remain. More shopping sessions are initiated than are completed on the mobile device. To get consumers to make purchases, retailers need to update their website and make it mobile friendly.

What can we learn from this? As a small business owner for many years, I know the importance of adapting to new technology advances. In order to increase sales and prepare for the changing trend, I suggest that businesses make their website fully optimized for a mobile platform which should include simple steps to checking out.


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