Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk Attracting and Retaining Talent with Kenneth Coe

Attracting and retaining talent is high-priority ticket for leaders. Kenneth Coe has witnessed this first-hand as a CFO for several organizations. Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves talk with Ken about ways to engage with employees and why he started The Statera Company. We also talk about some of Ken’s entrepreneurial experiences. Come visit and subscribe […]

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk with Guest Clay Hicks of H7 Network

Networking is an activity business people are very familiar with doing. How well do we do it? Are our networking groups set up to help us succeed? In this episode Michael and Chad  talk with Clay Hicks, founder of H7 Networks. We learn about his experience as an entrepreneur and what inspired him to create […]

Michael Gansl and Chad Eaves Talk Letting Go with Robert Levin

Join Robert Levin and Chad Eaves and Michael Gansl on our latest YouTube podcast “The Meaningful Communication Show” where Rob talks about one of the greatest challenges an entrepreneur faces – Letting Go! Rob’s had a stellar career reinventing himself several times over, and now is co-founder of WorkBetterNow, a company that provides virtual assistants […]